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Since 1992, Schlemmer Prozess Systeme GmbH has been busy in the field of instrument engineering abroad and at home. The field of automation focuses on:

• Analysis of manufacturing processes
• Planning and projecting
• Controlling and process control technology
• Automation
• Factory automation solutions based on SIMATIC PCS7
• Plant simulation and staff training

Our services ...

Concept design
Meetings provide the basis for the development of useful solutions for your type of problem. The requirements specifications are compiled by us and provide a general documentation of the automation solution of choice, regardless of plant size – from small plants excluviely based on relay technology up to networked plants comprising several control systems.

Design of hardware plans with CAE support
Our coworkers take care to choose the most cost-saving hardware. The use of standard components of renowned brands ensures long-term availability of spare parts. Modern CAE systems (EPLAN, WSCAD) are the basis for diagram design.

Control cabinet construction and wiring
The control cabinets are constructed with interference immunity (EMC) according to current DIN standards. Generally, only components with a valid CE code are used. To ensure faultless commissioning, all hardware is tested prior to delivery.

Software design and SPS programming
Based on our experience, we rely on standard SPS control systems and PC-based control systems of renowned brands (SIMATIC S5/S7, IFM, etc.). This ensures reliable function and compliance to all required output parameters during plant operation.

Visualization / Process control systems
When it comes to plant management and statistics, we offer a broad range of useful solutions, from simple text displays and operator panels up to sophisticated process visualization systems. On demand, we faciliate linking of our system to the customer database (Excel, Access, MSSQL).

With your cooperation we develop a strategy to ensure faultless integration into the production plant. Even after successful commissioning and handing-over of the plant we are at your disposal.


Company Schlemmer Prozess Systeme GmbH
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Name Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Lindhuber
Position Owner, General Manager
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Name Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Rudi Schmid
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System solutions for the glass industry

  • Measuring and control technology, batch plant, melting area, hot working area, machine controlling, annealing range, store management
  • Analysis, consulting and optimization for new and old plants
  • Custom-made automation solutions
  • Extensive service for plant and operator personnel

We build plants for all branches of industry. Our reference plants can be found among the following examples:

  • Glassworks and ceramics industry
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Feed producers
  • Brickyards, dairies, mills
  • Paper industry


  Filetype Filesize    
PDF 224143 A New Benchmark in Tableware Production
Schlemmer Prozess Systeme uses compact Simotion motion controllers in the modular design of rotary glassblowing machines.
PDF 2948775 System solutions for the glass industry
Automation- and process control systems
DOC 26624 Serviceleistungen
Serviceleistungen der Schlemmer Prozess Systeme GmbH im Bereich "Hohlglas"
PDF 2695105 Artikel: Glasproduktion
- von der Gemengeanlieferung bis zum Lagerausgang
DOC 126464 Modernizing of the batch plant at OSRAM/Augsburg
Upgrading and modernization of feeders and weighing plants proves difficult and time-consuming, ...
PDF 573914 Artikel: Fabrikautomation in Faceplate-Technik
Siemens PCS7 plus SPS Faceplate-Software
PDF 502394 Artikel: PCS 7 Systeme
PCS 7 Systeme mit speziellen Fuzzy Algorithmen und individuellen Softwaremodulen für die Glasschmelze
PDF 386578 Artikel: Fernwartung und Inbetriebnahmen
Fernwartung und Inbetriebnahmen von Anlagen per Telekommunikation
PDF 443405 Artikel: Individuelle Lösungen
Individuelle Automatisierungslösungen mit Standardkomponenten
PDF 919091 Artikel: Erweiterung PCS7
Erweiterung des Prozessleitsystem PCS7 für die Wanne 2 bei HEINZ-GLAS
PDF 528649 Artikel: Modernisierungen von Gemengeanlagen
Zu den Spezialgebieten der Fa. Schlemmer Prozess Systeme GmbH gehört die Modernisierung und Erweiterung von Dosier- und Wiegeanlagen.
PDF 2008180 Report: From the batch delivery
- up to the store exit
PDF 3650878 Systemlösungen für die Glasindustrie
Automation- und Prozesskontrolle

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The company Schlemmer Prozess Systeme GmbH offers its products and services in the area of Controlling and Automation (MSR), Process Control Systems (also PCS7)

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