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Central Asian glass maker to investigate production line for patterned solar glass

The company is already established glass maker and requests information for a turnkey glass production line with 150


    Russian company confirms investment in new glass melting furnace for over 25 million Euro

    The company has announced a contract with a German supplier for the delivery of a new melting furnace and startup scheduled for Jan


      South American float glass maker to receive corporate loan to support expansion

      The company receives an amount of approx. 70 million Euro to support the current expansion of the float glass production of approx. 615 tpd. Startup of the line is expected within


        Float glass processing company plans new plant in Western Europe

        The company wants to build a processing plant for glass doors and laminated sheets. Schedule for startup is


          Update: Asian glass manufacturer confirms construction of new container glass furnace in 2020

          The company has confirmed that they will increase the capacity by end of the year, initially postponed by


            US company to operate furnaces using oxyfuel technology

            Subject to compliance deadline, the container glass maker is forced to operate the furnaces using oxyfuel


              German float glass processing company to rebuild plant in Central Europe

              The company plans to do mayor restructurization and concentration on special architectural and ship glazing in


                UK company to build the largest container glass furnace in the world

                The container glass furnace in 4.0 technology will have 900 tons per day and operates with 12 section QG


                  Company confirms plans to build container glass plant in central Europe

                  The company has revealed a plan to build a two furnace glass packaging factory with initial production start in 2023 and


                    Turkish glass manufacturer announces to double capacity in 2021

                    The company is going to install 4 AIS machines at a 400 tpd furnace in Q1 2021. Capacity will more than double.


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