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Service Standard Extended Business Explorer Premium
0 €
per year
790 €
per year
2,500 €
per year
3,900 €
per year
11,900 €
per year
    commander commander commander commander
Company integration into directory x x x x x
Receipt of newsletter x x x x x
Access to company profiles   x x x x
Link to own website   x x x x
e-mail contact button   x x x x
Banner advertisement in category   x x x x
Keywords for search engines   x x x x
News on   x x x x
Who is Who of Preferred Suppliers   x x x x
glassglobal Maps     x x x
Trade advertisement     x x x
Trade advertisement in newsletter     x x x
Offers in the job market     x x x
Applicants database     x x x
Access to projects       x x
Banner on the homepage         x
Banner on subpages         x

More Information

Company integration into directory

Publication of your company name and address and a short description of your products and services. Further contact data, a comprehensive description also about your company history, a link to your own website and the like are visible for logged in visitors only.


Receipt of newsletter

We send out a regular newsletter, also on occasions like the Glasstec exhibition. Here you find news from your industry, press releases from our members, offers in the trade and job market and more.


Access to company profiles

After log in on, you have access to the complete information of all companies in the company directory, with direct contact data.


Link to own website

We publish a link to your own website in your company presentation, visible for all visitors of our website, logged in or not.


e-mail contact button

All visitors of your company presentation can contact you directly with a written message. Only serious messages are forwarded to you.


Banner advertisement in category

A banner with 300x100 pixel (140x100 pixel for the Extended Package), visible in your product category of the company directory, displayed alternating with other banners.


Keywords for search engines

Based on our programming technique and the daily updated content on our website, we are able to reach good positions in the result list in Google with our company presentations, when visitors are seeking for glass relevant keywords and word combinations. The search engine on is connected to our own database only.


News on

We publish news and press releases daily on the homepage of Moreover, they are permanently stored in the News and in your company presentation.


Who is Who of Preferred Suppliers

The annual print magazine Who’s Who of Preferred Suppliers is the glassmaker’s and glass processor’s unique global buyer’s guide. Your company is presented here, with name, contact data, banner and a description of your products.


glassglobal Maps

We have saved all companies in our database with their coordinates. You can select your target group according to category and country and see the results with contact data on a map.


Trade advertisement

Offers and requests for new and used machines, glass or consumables can be published on You find offers and requests for machines on only.


Trade advertisement in newsletter

Offers and requests for new and used machines, glass or consumables can be published in one of our regular newsletters.


Offers in the job market

Publish job offers to find your own personnel or sales agents worldwide. Or publish your own job request in cypher, in case you are a glass expert.


Applicants database

Access the requests in our job market and contact potential candidates.


Access to projects

Projects from the glass industry, from manufacturers and processors, e.g. greenfield projects, restructuring, production increase, maintenance, repairs or the purchase of equipment in general. We research such projects but receive the respective information also from the companies directly, asking us for reasonable suppliers.


Banner on the homepage

An advertisement banner in size 300 x 100 pixel on the homepage of, being one of the most popular pages. We display the banner alternating with others on the same position. With the current visitor statistics, your banner is displayed at least 2.5 million times per year.


Banner on subpages

An advertisement banner in size 300 x 100 pixel on two selected subpages like News, Trade or Job Market. We display the banner alternating with others on the same position.