Company Updates

Catoosa, OK, Etats Unis

TriStar Glass, Inc.

Dual-Seal Insulated Glass· P.I.B. Primary Seal Polysulfied or Silicone Secondary Seal Bent Corner Construction PPG Certified Fabricator Guardian Certified Fabricator IGCC Certified "A" Level Custom-Tempered Safety Glass Soft...


Helsinki, Finlande (Extended Package)

Sparklike Oy

UNIQUE NON—DESTRUCTIVE INSULATING GLASS GAS MEASUREMENT Sparklike's devices are based on our proprietary and patented technology, which allows the insulating glass manufacturers to measure the concentration of insulating gas inside...




Engineering department : design, supply and installation of suspended walls in the float glass lines. Back walls and shadow walls are our specialty and we have delivered hundreds of them since more than 50 years : silica walls / insulated for...


Oroszlany, Hongrie

Glastronic Hungary Gépgyártó és Kereskedelmi Kft., LiSEC Group

GLASTRONiC is part of the LiSEC group, indicated by the addendum "member of the LiSEC group" in the new company logo. The GLASTRONiC company has been constructing machines for more than 15 years. Since 2016 they specialize in the purchase and sale...


Czestochowa, Pologne

Guardian Czestochowa Sp. z o.o, Float Glass Plant

Manufacturer of float glass There are thousands of glass products available. However, few are offered by companies that have a truly global reach as well as a robust customer focus that partners with you to help meet your unique project and...


Hum na Sutli, Croatie (Extended Package)


Glass container producers face tougher consumer demands, rising energy costs and increased competition from alternative packaging. As a consequence, mould suppliers have to be able to meet the demands for better quality and shorter lead time whilst...


Kaunas City, Lithuanie

UAB Stiklita

Manufacturing and assembling frameless tempered glass constructions Designing, manufacturing and installing sliding door systems (“Raum-plus”) Manufacturing and assembling tempered glass components, such as Sauna doors, glass floor, stairs,...


Adlwang, Autriche

H A L E GmbH

Tables, Design Lamps, Wallcladdings, Dividers, Baconies... Types of glass: float glass, toughened glass, structured glass,... Thickness of glass: 2x4mm thick glass or more Maximum size: 5000x1500mm (depending on the...


Zhengzhou, République du Peuple Chine (Extended Package)

Firebird Thermal Products Co., Limited

Tailor insulation refractory solutions for your glass furnace. A complete products range to meet your exact needs. FJM23, 25, 26, 28, 30, 32 Insulating Firebrick; GMK22, 23, 24 Anorthite Insulating Firebrick; 10MPa Insulating Blocks for...


Roßbach, Autriche (Extended Package)


Our machines are suitable for production, decoration and serialization of: Drinking Glasses Glass cookware Opal glassware Enamelled ceramic Borosilicate glassware: Medical packaging: ampoules, vials, syringes... Measuring...