Company Updates

Perrysburg, Etats Unis

Glasstech, Inc.

Automotive - CRB(TM) (Constant Radius Bending) Advanced Cylindrical Bending and Tempering Systems - DB(TM) (Deep Bend) Advanced Bending and Tempering Systems - DB QC/FC(TM) (Deep Bend) Advanced Bending and Tempering Systems with Quick Change &...


Coswig, Allemagne (Extended Package)


Special equipment and special machines for the glass industry. Blowing Machines, stem ware line blow-blow machine press blow blow machine Press Machines, Grinding Technology, Welding and Fire Polishing, Hot End Cracking...


Skipton, Grande Bretagne

Guyson International Ltd

Manufacturers of Blast Finishing, Spray Washing & Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment with machines specific to the Glass industry such as: flat glass blast etching machines, automated glass decoration machines. Formula range of blast cabinets...


Lichtenau, Allemagne

Tesoma GmbH, Trocknersysteme

Continious dryer EVENT Drying and fixing of coated surfaces with ceramic, organic, non-organic and other solvent-based colours as well as UV-pastes and digital inks Performance features: Electrically heated continuous dryer for flat...


Jena, Allemagne

OTTO Vision Technology GmbH

Supplier of Inspection Machines for the Hollow Glass Industry, Optical Tools for the measurement of wallthickness, diameter and others at the cold and hot end of the manufacturing process; Hot-end Testsystem for 100% inspection, Measuring Working...


Quedlinburg, Allemagne

Wolff & Müller Baustoffe GmbH

Quartz sand for glass production with 0,025%...


Linsengericht, Allemagne

Kelviplast GmbH & Co.KG

The scope of products comprises tempering units and equipment with various circulation media for the heat transfer, heat exchange systems and compact cooling units. Our products cover the complete program of tempering and cooling within the capacity...


Swansea Waterfront, Grande Bretagne

Rockfield Software Ltd

Glass Container software - ELFEN GD ELFEN GD is a self contained suite of numerical modelling programs which are designed to provide glassmakers with decision support system tools to aid in the design, production and quality control of glass...


Azusa, Etats Unis (Extended Package)

Ray-Bar Engineering Corp

X-Ray Lead Glass for medical imaging x-ray shielding Radiation Glass for medical therapy radiation shielding X-Ray Safety Glass for impact resistant x-ray shielding Radiation Control...