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Tecno5 is one of the leaders in manufacturing and selling machines and accessories for multicolour printing on glass items. Established in 1986, Tecno5 is a growing and expanding company: its export accounts for 90 percent of its total production to over 45 countries worldwide.

Tecno5 designs, produces and installs a wide range of machines, from basic 4 colour manual machines to fully automatic 8 colour machines specialized in direct screen printing on all kinds of shaped glass containers: from the classic table glass to the most sophisticated spirit and cosmetic bottles.
Tecno5 also produces a complete line of complementary equipments, such as lehr’s loaders, feeding tables, ink heating system, conveyors and others.

The successful business story of Tecno5 is founded on the customer’s care policy: from the users needs analysis to the design and building of customized solutions. The numerous automatic and semiautomatic machines offer to every single user the possibility to print all the glass forms through various ways and colours. Tecno5 offers not only a first class customer service but also a prompt worldwide assistance that covers all aspects of the printing process.

Tecno5 is an innovative company oriented towards customer satisfaction and proud of its reputation for the quality of technical service which provides. It combines the continuous research and the use of the most advanced technologies with the engineering know-how of the highly qualified personnel.


Company Tecno5 S.P.A.
Address Via Micheli 13
43056 S.Polo di Torrile (Parma)
Country Italy
Phone 0039 0521 317200
Fax 0039 0521 317215
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Internet www.tecno5.it
Employees 17
Year founded 1986
Export Rate 80 %

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Name Mr. Enrico Andreozzi
Position Sales Manager
Phone 0039 0521 317200
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Name Mr. Eng. Michele Tirelli
Position Managing Director
Phone 0039 0521 317200
Fax 0039 0521 317215
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Tecno5 supplies a range of machine and accessories for direct screen printing of up to eight colours on all kinds of cylindrical, conical, oval, square and other shaped glass bottles, tumblers, mugs, goblets, ashtrays, bowls and jars. The overall machinery concept ensures that they provide high flexibility and low maintenance time.

electronic machines:

  • RX 7UV - Automatic screen-printing machine servo-controlled suitable to print up to 7 colours UV, designed for high printing precision on glass containers and tableware of different shape and dimension.
  • RX 9011-4UV - RX9011 currently represent the top of the line of our production range. In the RX9011 the printing is realized by the synchronized movements of items rotation and screens translation, realized by independent brushless motors. The machine includes outfits and accessories ans is pre-arranged for the installation of a wide range of optional tools for various applications including stations for  conical, flat, elliptical and body+neck printing.

mechanic machine types:

  • RB 46/R - Automatic screen printing machine suitable to achieve high speed , precise printing on cylindrical and conical glass containers and tableware. The technical solution of a directly linked main rotary table to a heavy duty indexer provides maximum reliability and performance even in the most demanding conditions of operation .
  • RC 697 - The RC697 is a 6 colours automatic machine targeted to those customers specialised in tableware decoration. The printing cycle, based on the indexing motion system and the over-dimensioned, reliable mechanisms, makes these machines suitable for continuous operation and a long trouble free operational life.
  • RM 696-496 - The RM series comprehends 6 and 4 colours manual or semi-automatic screen printing machines suitable to achieve high printing precision on cylindrical and conical glass tableware. Manual loading and unloading allow this machine to print on the most peculiar shapes, while the possibility to add different production tools makes the machine adaptable to the Customers’ needs.
  • RM 4200 TW - The RM4200 is a 4 colours semi-automatic screen printing machine suitable to achieve high printing precision on cylindrical and slightly conical glass tableware. Manual loading and unloading togheter with a special frame, allow this machine to print on XXL wares, while the possibility to add different production tools makes the machine adaptable to the Customers’ needs
  • LM 20/30 - The LM series are 2 and 3 colours semi-automatic LINEAR screen printing machines, specifically designed to decorate on flat surfaces and on polygonal items. Designed and built for continuous operation, it combines easiness of operation with printing precision and accuracy.


  • Feeding table
  • Push bar
  • Conveyor
  • Enamel heater


  • Flat printing
  • Elliptical printing
  • Optical pre-positioning
  • Conical printing



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