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Titre Manufacturing
Annonce du 07.11.2017
Demande d´emploi Code No. # CH1172834

Position actuelle

Profession Cold End & Quality manager
Rubrique d´emploi Gestion Production
dans le secteur Quality assurance and Hot-End forming support
dans cette position depuis since 2016
Responsabilité d´équipe since 2008
Dimension d´équipe conduite since 1998
Expérience à l´étranger Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Finnland, Perrysburg (USA)
Langues étrangères Hungarian , English
Age 39 years old

Position cherchée

Position Depends of the company
dans le secteur Manufacturing
Horaire de travail Temps plein
Pays / Région Close Hungary
Disponibilité ? (aussi à l'étranger) Yes


1997 School Leaving Final Exam (High School Diploma )

1998  Informatics Technician

1998 Software Operator (Intermediate)

2000 Machine setting group (acquisition of the working, mending – setting – of glass producing machines)

2001 PLC programmer (SIEMENS S5)

2001  learning about USA OI factories, ( acquisition of glass producing

(  Italy Czech Republic, Netherland, Finland, USA, Poland,……) 

Lean Six Sigma training follows O-I Green belt Certification 2009 February

2011 SAP Implementing

2014 USA – Perrysburg – IDS training

2016 USA – Perrysburg – Quality training

2016- SGS – Auditor ( ISO 9001\2015) Annex SL.

Texte de candidature

1998 began to work at the company

1998-2001- Operator and various production units to learn 

2001-2008 –Forming Specialist

O-I Manufacturing Magyarország Üvegipari Kft. 5900 Orosháza Csorvási út. 5

2008- 2016  Post: FMU Leader (Flexible Manufacturing Unit Leader) (Line Manager)

Fields of occupation: stabilizing the working of the production line, raising its efficiency, observing the lanbour safety and safety rules also having them observed, preventing and correcting errors and mistakes, introducing LEAN SIX SIGMA

 ( KAIZEN theory). Glass making trainer. Dealing with issues related to employee performance. Manufacturing improvement


2016- Quality Manager & Cold End Manager

Connaissances/expériences spéciales

Main projects, published materials:


2004.               Participating in a PHARE project involving 10 European countries, responsible for teaching environment protection special courses. Project was: Light weighting ,  Gas consumption (participant), Cost Reduction, Visual Management Implementation



Trainings and conferences:

2001-2007        visiting different types of factory departments, exchanging and gaining experiences. eg.. Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, USA, Netherland

Manufacturing Fundamentals Plant Leader (Foreheart and Forming )


2014 – USA Electronic training


2016 – USA Quality Development Program Training


2016 -  SGS – Auditor ( ISO-9001\ 2015)


Computer skills:        confident use of Windows / Microsoft Word®, Excel®,

Power Point®, Internet