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H.C. Starck is an international company and a leading global supplier of technology metals and advanced ceramics with about 2,800 employees in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan. Focused on the customer, we have 14 ISO-certified production facilities as well as business offices in more than 20 countries to provide local sales and technical support. H.C. Starck serves growing industries such as the electronics, chemicals, automotive, medical technology, aerospace, energy technology, and environmental technology industries, as well as engineering companies and tool manufacturers.

With close to 100 years in innovative research, engineering development, and manufacturing execution, H.C. Starck is uniquely positioned with a diverse product portfolio of high performance, refractory material solutions for critical glass melting applications. H.C. Starck has long been a global leader in products that have outstanding resistance to chemical corrosion, degradation, and minimal glass discoloration for large area coatings, pharmaceutical, lighting, wind and solar applications. Not to mention, H.C. Starck’s premier extrusion and forging facility where large diameter molybdenum tubing suitable for quartz melting vessels, orifice plates, and mandrels is extruded.

Regarded as is one of the environmental leaders in ethical sourcing and reclamation of materials, H.C. Starck offers its customers recycling services of refractory metal products. With a vertically integrated supply chain and the recycling of refractory metal products, H.C. Starck is driving innovation in material reclamation and sustainability. In addition, H.C. Starck’s Responsible Supply Chain Management (RSCM) system prevents the introduction of illicitly sourced raw materials into the manufacturing supply chain, and has received certification by the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) as a supplier of conflict free tantalum materials.


Company H.C. Starck
Fabricated Products Division
Address 45 Industrial Place
02461 Newton, MA
Country USA
Phone 001 617 630.5800
Fax 001 617 630.5879
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Internet www.hcstarck.com
Employees 2,800
Certificates ISO 9001:2008 ISO 50001:2011 ISO 14001:2004 AS/EN/JISQ 9100:2009 CFSP Compliance EICC Certification
Year founded 1920

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H.C. Starck’s innovative manufacturing techniques and high purity powders (99.95% min.) creates the highest quality molybdenum electrodes with superb corrosion resistance and service life for producing electrical heat in glass melting furnaces.

H.C. Starck robust product portfolio is critical to glass melting, homogenizing, feeding and shaping of glass products from its core competencies: molybdenum (Mo), tungsten (W), tantalum (Ta), niobium (Nb) and their alloys.

  • Mo Glass Melting Electrodes
  • Large Diameter Mo Tubing
  • Oxidation Protective Coating
  • Mo & W Crucibles
  • Stirrers, Mandrels & Orifice plates
  • Mo Sheet & Plate for Tank Reinforcement

In addition, H.C. Starck produces rotary and planar sputtering targets from molybdenum (Mo), molybdenum-niobium (MoNb), molybdenum-tungsten (MoW) refractory materials for photovoltaic, flat panel display and touch screen applications.




H.C. Starck Products for Glass Production Featured at Glasstec 2016

H.C. Starck’s robust portfolio of products for the glass melting industry will be on display at Glasstec 2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany, September 20-23. H.C. Starck’s expertise in the production and processing of high performance materials like


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The company H.C. Starck offers its products and services in the area of Electric furnace boosting, Molybdenum Electrodes

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