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Calculations on demand


GGC has developed many calculations for various purposes. Please check the following list:

Tech Comm Gas Liq Sol Description
      false air
      barometric altitude formula
      gases standard/normalised and operating conditions
      emissions o2 reference (x vol.-% oxygen, dry)
    industrial gases delivery (€, m³, kg, kg/m³, t)
      parameters of gases (density, viscosity, heat capacity, caloric values etc.)
    parameters of liquids and solids (density, viscosity, caloric values etc.)
      air humity / HX diagramm
      cooling water calculations
      chimney flue
      gases mixing (temperatures, volumes, components)
      furnace cooling calculations
    flue gas quench design
  heat transfer calculations (radiation, convection, conduction
      pressure losses in piping systems
      orifice design
      reflection, adsorption and transmission of glass
      batch melting enthalpy
      glass properties
energy & mass balances for glass melting
        energy costs for glass melting
        glass melting furnaces comparison
        operating costs for glass production
        ggENOx economics
      raw material & batch costs for glass melting
        CAPEX and P&L for glass production
    co2 balance (incl. Carbon trading etc.) comparison

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