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Bohle is a German company with a long tradition and more than 300 employees in 14 locations worldwide. The company is the leading manufacturer and supplier of glazing tools, machines and accessories. Bohle’s own brands SILBERSCHNITT and VERIBOR are well known by any glazier throughout the world and are synonym for high quality and innovation. The product range includes workshop machinery for glass processing: glass belt grinding machines (single, twin and disc); drilling and sawing machines; washing machines, sandblasting equipment and more.

Next to its own brands and products Bohle offers a wide assortment of commercial products. More than 8.000 products are illustrated in printed catalogues, can easily be found in the company’s Homepage ( and can be ordered online by registered customers.



Company Bohle AG
Address Dieselstr. 10
42781 Haan
Country Germany
Phone 0049 2129 55680
Fax 0049 2129 5568281
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Employees Ca. 320
Year founded 1923

Contact Info

Name Mr. Dr. Heinrich Ostendarp
Position CEO
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Name Mr. Arne Klöfkorn
Position COO
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Name Mr. Christoph Schmidt
Position Senior Vice President Sales (Direct)
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Name Mr. Ralf Ackermann
Position Senior Vice President Sales (Trading) / Product Manager Glassprocessing Machinery
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Name Mr. Peter Pokoern
Position Product Manager Automatic Glass Cutting
Phone 0049 2129 5568 230
Fax 0049 2129 5567 230
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Name Mr. Andreas Barth
Position Product Manager Glass Abrasives & Diamond Tools
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Name Mr. Volker Brock
Position Product Manager Surface Technology
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Name Mr. Marcus Lenge
Position Product Manager Hardware
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Name Mr. Richard Reich
Position Product Manager Silberschnitt and Glass Processing
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Name Ms. Michaela Woitynek
Position Sales Manager Trading / Product Manager Suction Lifters
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Name Mr. Rene Regier
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During the more than 80-year history of the company, numerous product brand names originated under the company name Bohle. Silberschnitt and Veribor have become representative for entire product types.


In 1936 the glass cutter that was developed by the company founder Josef Bohle was registered under the brand name "Silberschnitt". Today Bohle develops, produces and sells a large range of glass cutting products under this brand name and is leader in the world market.


Under the brand name Veribor, suction lifters for the transport of diverse materials and objects have been developed, produced and sold since 1950. Today the Veribor product range includes lifting and carrying devices from single-cup pump-activated suction lifters to industrial quality lifting equipment with carrying capacities up to several tons.


With the development of tungsten carbide in the early 1950’s, a new material became available whose superior resistance to wear makes it ideal for the production of glass cutting wheels. The brand name Diamantor was registered in 1952 and today Bohle offers glass cutters as well as a comprehensive range of diamond tools for smaller machines under this name.


The brand name Verifix represents the Bohle range of UV bonding products. For many years the company has been intensively engaged in the area of glass bonding and today is the technology leader in this field. From fixation and dispensing aids to UV adhesives, the Verifix range includes all the products needed for high quality and durable glass bonds. 

BriteGuard® – Smart surface protection

BriteGuard® is a registered brand of Bohle AG. For almost 90 years we have been developing, producing and selling products for glass processing and finishing. No matter what you plan to do with glass, our full product range offers you the suitable products and solutions – including surface protection. With BriteGuard® Bohle has developed a surface protection system that is setting new standards. At the heart of the system are two coating products BriteGuard® Surface Sealer for smooth surfaces and BriteGuard® Surface Sealer X for rough surfaces.

Diamond Tools

  1. Grinding Heads
  2. Grinder Awls
  3. Screw-in Grinders
  4. Core Drills
  5. Bevel Grinding Heads
  6. Double Ripple Grinding Heads Lamp
  7. Grinding Heads
Glass Processing
  1. Glass Cutting
  2. Glass Breaking Glass Grinding
  3. Glass Drilling
  4. Glass Sawing
  5. Glass Processing Machinery
  6. Glazing
  7. Glass Handling
  8. Glass Bonding
  9. Fittings
  10. Seminars
ClearShield Products
  1. Preparation
  2. Protection Accessories
  3. After-care
  4. Ancillary
  5. Products
Grinding and Polishing Wheels for Automatic Edge Polishing Machines
  1. Bavelloni
  2. Bodo Gerhard

Sandblasting Sandblasting and Accessories

Framing & Art Gallery Products
  1. Gallery Rails
  2. Art Gallery Products
  3. Passe-Partout Cardboard
  4. Glass for Picture Frames
  5. Mounting Materials Mounting
  6. Sealing and Laminating
  7. Cutting Passe-Partouts
  8. Cardboard and Glass Cutting and Joining
  9. Picture Frames Mounting
  10. Picture Frames
  1. Suction Lifters
  2. Vacuum Lifting Equipment
  3. Transport Aids



Türbeschläge und funktionale Tools rund ums Glas bieten Mehrwert für Architekten und Baubranche

Die Bohle AG wird als Aussteller vor Ort sein, wenn die BAU, die Weltleitmesse für Architektur, Materialien und Systeme, am 16. Januar in München beginnt. In Halle C2, Stand 527, kann sich die Baubranche bei Bohle rund um das Thema Glas im Innen-


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Bohle auf der glasstec Magnet für Handwerk und Industrie

Wenn am 20. September die glasstec 2016 ihre Pforten öffnet, wird die Halle 9 der Messe Düsseldorf wieder für vier Tage Dreh- und Angelpunkt des Handwerks


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Bohle auf der glasstec: Magnet für Handwerk und Industrie

Wenn am 20. September die glasstec 2016 ihre Pforten öffnet, wird die Halle 9 der Messe Düsseldorf wieder für vier Tage Dreh- und Angelpunkt des Handwerks


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Neuer Technik-Vorstand bei der Bohle AG

Der Aufsichtsrat der Bohle AG hat Dr. Thorsten Böllinghaus zum neuen Vorstand berufen. Neben Arne Klöfkorn, der seit 2008 als Chief Operating Officer (COO) insbesondere die vertrieblichen Bereiche des Unternehmens verantwortet, wird Dr. Thorsten


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SlideTec optima 50 rundet System nach unten ab

Bohle ergänzt sein Schiebetürsystem SlideTec optima um das Modell


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The company Bohle AG offers its products and services in the area of Automatic Glass Cutting, Fittings for Bathrooms, Glass Washing Machine, Glass Bonding, Glass Cutting & Glass Breaking, Glass Grinding, Drilling, Sawing, Glass Processing Machinery, Glazing, Handling, Surface Protection

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