GINO-AKA is your global market challenger for thyristor power controllers and complete heating solutions for annealing lehr and tin bath roof furnaces.

We design and manufacture off-the-shelf and customized power controllers. Our state-of-the-art range of power controllers are dedicated to the glass industry since more than 30 years: from the very original Gradathy to the latest AKGRAD32 Profinet range of products. 

Availability for the whole AC range from 10A to 2500A, 1kW to 1000kW, 20-480V or 460-690V, 1-Phase, 2-Phases, 3-Phases, 3P+N models, auto adjust inside 50-60Hz range.

Our well-known benefits: units are configured and tested before delivery, easy to install and no headache during commissioning!

Our latest firmware GT3.6 offers an impressive power regulation with +/-0.1% accuracy, which drives all resistor loads smoothly with dedicated smart firing modes (SiC, MoSi², Infrared, Inductive, constant, etc.).

Our integrated power savings Synchro real-time feature reduces your electrical energy costs.

Our latest design offers best-in-class robustness and reliability: thyristors, accuracy of the power regulation, two simultaneous industrial communications, operator interface 4” in all languages.

In 2020 the GINO AG (Germany) and Resistel (France) liquid starter divisions have been merged with the acquired company AKA Automatismes from Lisses/France to create GINO-AKA SAS. GINO-AKA SAS is part of the Telema Resistor Group and the hub for the global activity in the field of liquid starters and thyristor power controllers. With more than 30 years of experience we have strong expertise in industrial automation and power control applications. We are highly dedicated to our customers in the cement, mining, glass and industrial sectors.


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Year founded 1988
Export Rate 75%

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Thanks to its powerful 32bit DSP processor, an AKGrad32 calculates true RMS U, I, P and R for each phase in a closed loop and compensates temperature drifts of the heaters as well as power supply fluctuations. The powerful measurement system also enables:

  • High precision closed-loop kW, rate %, I² or U² regulation and real-time adaptation to the power line variations;
  • Phase angle soft start for loads with high cold/hot variation and load failure diagnosis;
  • Patented soft-start firing for inductive downstream transformer which avoids any over current peak due to magnetic current;
  • Protections against over current peak, instantaneous correction against voltage slowdown or load surge;
  • Patented algorithm integrated into each AKGrad32 control card for power savings and flicker suppression with the SYNCHRO feature (optional).

The AKGrad32 comes as a plug-and-play solution ready for standalone installation or as a component within a control cabinet. The integrated cooling facilities are optimized to meet the highest standards in compact sizing and low noise level operation.


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PDF 726054 GINO AKA Leistungssteller AKGRAD32
Der SCR Leistungsregler AKGrad32 sorgt für eine sanfte und kontinuierliche Regelung abgegebenen Leistung von Heizelementen
PDF 654044 GINO AKA Reguladores de Potencia AKGRAD32
Los reguladores de potencia AKGrad32 SCR realizan un ajuste de la potencia disipada de forma suave y controlada mediante elementos de disipación térmica en distintas aplicaciones
PDF 712320 GINO AKA Power Controllers AKGRAD32
The AKGrad32 SCR power controller performs a smooth and continuous regulation of the power dissipated byheating elements in various applications.
JPG 2740886 AKG32 Profinet 2 ports
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