KBA-Kammann at glasstec

KBA-Kammann will showcase its digital printing technology at this year’s glasstec in Dusseldorf, displaying its K15 CNC-flagship with inkjet drop-on-demand capability.

Fully integrated into the modular K15 CNC, the digital printing system is rounding out the wide range of in-line decoration techniques available on this platform.

Productivity and flexibility have been given a top development priority in order to make the product fully industrial and compatible to what glass hollowware decorators expect: Not only round, oval and flat article shapes but also in-line processing along with screen, hot-foil, pad-printing and labelling.

To demonstrate the benefits of efficient print job preparation, KBA-Kammann will also have the brand new K15 Q-SE on display.

The product boosts productivity, especially in multiple K15 CNC printing machine environments, by reducing change over and make-ready times significantly.

Apart from process evaluation it can be run as a semi-automatic printer for samples and other products of small quantity while providing full K15 CNC compatibility.

11.09.2014, KBA-Kammann/glass-international.com

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