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Société Gulf Glass Manufacturing Co. KSC
Adresse Mina Abdullah Industrial Area
Block #3, Plot #50
13130 Safat
Téléphone: 00965 22 285552
Télécopie: 00965 22 285551
Correspondant M. Byju Koshy George



Decorating Operator

Annonce du 21.02.2018
Rubrique d´emploi Décoration verre plat (Sérigraphie)
Titre de profession Decorating Operator
Lieu de travail Mina Abdullah
Pays / Région Couwait
chez GGMC
Type du contrat Temps plein
Salaire Negotiable

Déscription de la position

  • Ensure Compliance to ISO 9001 and ISO 22000(FSMS) Standards for Quality and Food safety systems.
  • He has the responsibility to run the printing machine & resolve the encountered problem of printing in the shifts.
  • He has to make the squeegee rubber for each color required for his shift.
  • Changing the screen in case of damage or leakage.
  • Printing should be according to the approved ACL art work.
  • Ensure that the enamel consumed must be approved by customer provided by Decoration & Packing Manager.
  • He is suppose to check the printing as per logo every 10 minutes.
  • He is suppose to check the height of ACL according to the approved art work & should check at the time every screen change.
  • He should run the machine with minimum rejection on machine end as well as on packing end.
  • He records the temperature of Decoration Lehr on hourly basis, If he found any abnormality inform to sift foreman & take immediate action.
  • In case of any mechanical problem he inform to mechanic and solve the problem.
  • At the shift end, he writes his report. Also he should mention the counter reading of the machine which shows his work efficiency.
  • He is responsible for minimizing color consumption, screens & minimizing the wastage.
  • Any other job assigned by Manager / Management


1. Education:

  • High School or Diploma

2. Years of experience :

  • 5 to 10 years experience in the operation of Decorating machines.

3. Additional skills :

  • Knowledge of computer
  • Knowledge of English & little Arabic for communication.
  • Team Work