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Salon Rosenheimer Fenstertage

The conference will cover a wide range of topics centred around one of the most pressing issues of our time. You will find that some of these themes are closely connected to your core business, whilst others are linked to it more loosely.

But whatever their chosen topic, all the speakers will endeavour to provide you with useful and inspiring information, whether that be the facts of standardisation, regulatory changes, technical perspectives, thought-provoking approaches, practical know-how or the impact of the dawning of this “new era”.

In addition to attending the talks, you are also invited to pay a visit to our new ift laboratories for building acoustics and facades, which will be opening their doors to conference attendees.

If you’d prefer a more cultural experience, join us on a visit to “Ice Age – Man. Nature. Climate”, a fantastic exhibition currently on display here in Rosenheim.

As well as focusing on issues within the industry, we want you to have some fun too, especially with everything that is going on in the world. So we will once again be welcoming you to the Auerbräu Festhalle (formerly the Inntalhalle) on Wednesday evening to enjoy an Oktoberfest celebration with us – it’s sure to be a great evening.


Climate-neutral building stock (Thomas Drinkuth, Representative Office Transparent Building Envelope)

Safety barrier building components (Prof. Dr. Benno Eierle, TH Rosenheim)

The New National Gallery (Jürgen Einck, DRESS & SOMMER)

The new guide to sustainable construction (Gerald Feigenbutz, QKE e.V.)

No exit from Brexit (Roland Fischer, ift Rosenheim)

Flat glass and sustainability (Jochen Grönegräs, Bundesverband Flachglas e.V.)

Sustainability and digitalisation (Prof. Dr. Winfried Heusler, Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Schüco International KG)

Working group: Interface - waterproofing of the building structure - structural joints of floor-to-floor-units (Wolfgang Jehl, ift Rosenheim)

Surfaces with anti-microbial characteristics (Dr. Nicole Krueger, Fraunhofer IBP + Norbert Sack, ift Rosenheim)


Protecting the climate and conserving resources through efficiency (Frank Lange, Verband Fenster + Fassade)

Changes in the window market up to 2025 (Martin Langen, B+L Markdaten GmbH)

Sustainable building (Prof. Jörn P. Lass, Director ift Rosenheim)

Recycling windows - From window to window (Walter Lonsinger, AUF e.V. + Michael Vetter, Rewindo GmbH)

Construction contracts and "force majeure" (Prof. Christian Niemöller, SMNG Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH)

What´s going on with the climate? (Prof. Dr. Stefan Rahmstorf, Potsdam Institute for Climate Research PIK)

Revisions to Buildings Energy Act (Dr.-Ing. Stephan Schlitzberger, Ingenieurbüro Prof. Dr. Hauser GmbH)

Thermal upgrade of double windows using vacuum glass (Peter Schober, Holzforschung Austria + Dr.techn. Ulrich Pont, TU Wien)

Solar Decathlon (Prof. Dr. Jochen Stopper, TH Rosenheim)

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