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Held every three years, the ICG Congresses are an important way of disseminating information on glass science and technology and provide valuable opportunities for glass scientists and technologists to meet. Since the late 1980s ICG Congresses have expanded significantly. They now attract 700 - 1000 attendees and up to 900 papers and posters. Their special features include:

Invited lectures reviewing major achievements not only in the traditional fields of glass science and technology, but also on new glass applications such as optics, photonics, electronics, nanotechnology, coating technology, biotechnology, and composites and sessions organised by Technical Committees to review key aspects of their work.

Every three years ICG organises an International Congress on Glass. The XXV CONGRESS (2019) will be in Boston, USA.


In the years between its Congresses ICG organises an Annual Conference. In 2020 there will be ICG Conference in Krakow and in 2021 in South Korean. Although shorter than the Congresses, several Technical Committees will organise sessions based around their key activities and a full programme of papers will be presented.

Pays Etats Unis
Ville Boston
Lieu Boston Congress Center
prochaine 09.06.2019 - 14.06.2109


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