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18.09.2017 (for Sale)

1707002 Microwave kiln

Glass kiln is a new type of high temperature kiln for glass melting or softening. It is compact, safe, convenient, energy saving, environmental protection, and high efficiency, the inside kiln temperature may reach up to 900°C (1650 °F) when...


    18.09.2017, (Siegler Hohlglasservice) (for Sale)

    Emhart Feeder 144

    We have several used Emhart Feeder 144 in different condition for sale. There are also the Revolving Tube and Shear mechanisms available. Further are some used Spout Casings for...


      17.09.2017, (Siegler Hohlglasservice) (for Sale)

      Emhart IS-10 Machine, 5

      Original 5" DG 10 section Emhart IS-machine for sale. The machines has Servo Invert, Servo Take-Out mechanism, 26-line electropneumatic Valveblock, Vertiflow direct thru the machine bed, DSS Delivery system, Conveyor and Conveyor...


        15.09.2017 (for Sale)

        Environmental significance of composite refractory materials

        Composite refractory material is higher than the average refractory material, low density, has a design and become a substitute for steel production of hot...


          08.09.2017 (for Sale)

          Selection and Masonry for Glass Furnace Refractory

          Selection and Masonry for Glass Furnace Refractory, a variety of recommended glass furnace refractory, detailing the characteristics and expertise of various refractories, more convenient for customers to understand, select and...


            05.09.2017 (for Sale)

            Fused Cast AZS Blocks

            Energy-saving and environmental protection Refractory material is a kind of new industry, which is an industry integrating new technology with the change of consumption structure, which plays an important role in optimizing the industrial structure...


              01.09.2017 (for Sale)

              Fused Cast AZS Blocks

              Analysis on the Development of Glass Industry Refractory in...


                30.08.2017 (for Sale)

                Glass Sheet

                clear float glass, colored float glass, mirror, tempered safety glass, laminated safety glass and tinted glass. ISO 9001. Product of...


                  29.08.2017 (for Sale)

                  Glass Kiln Refractory

                  The development of refractory materials and the future use of high-chromium refractory products. Our company can supply the best quality products like Glass Kiln Refractory, fused cast azs blocks, zircon brick, magnesia brick, silica brick, etc....


                    25.08.2017 (for Sale)

                    Glass Kiln Refractory

                    The main problems faced by Glass Industry Refractory Materials like Fused Cast AZS Block, fused cast AZS-33# block, fused cast AZS-36# block, fused cast AZS-41# block, zircon brick, magnesia brick and silica brick,...


                      14.08.2017, (J.v.G. Thoma GmbH) (for Sale)

                      35 MW Economy Production Line

                      PV Panel Production Equipment 35 MW Economy Production...


                        07.08.2017 (for Sale)


                        Machine-blown process. OEM and ODM welcome. ISO 9001. Product of...


                          19.07.2017 (for Sale)

                          Decorative Mirror

                          As an integrated intensive glass processing enterprise, it is specialized in the production and processing of laminated glass, tempered glass, insulating glass, glass mirror, decorative safety glass and special glass. We can provide float glass with...


                            28.06.2017 (for Sale)

                            Kevlar heat resistant textile products to the glass industry

                            tailor made kevlar heat resistant part for Automotive Flat Glass Bending, Tempering and Laminating production...


                              22.06.2017, (OGIS GmbH) (for Sale)

                              Low Iron Sand for Sale

                              On behalf of the owner, we offer the option for investment or purchase of a low iron sand mine in...


                                01.05.2017, (J.v.G. Thoma GmbH) (for Sale)

                                Refurbished PV machinery equipment on stock

                                Various equipment for solar module processing and production, e.g. Stringer, Layups, Laminators, Framer, Flasher, Foil Cutter.. including 1 year...


                                  26.04.2017 (for Sale)

                                  Flat glass

                                  AYD Glass Company aims to; * supply glass to our customers with most competitive prices, * serve to every parts of world with safety and on time...


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