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Off-line and in-line glass inspection systems for all production stages of various glass types

Float glass

A highly innovative product portfolio of optical inspection systems is available for the entire range of float glass inspection. It significantly helps to optimize the production process and to increase quality. The inspection systems are placed in operation at every step of the production chain, not only to inspect visual defects and for quality control purposes, but also as a means to optimize the processes themselves.

  • In-line thickness measurement at the hot end                                                      
  • In-line defect inspection (distorting and point defects)
  • In-line optical measurement
  • In-line thickness measurement at the cold end
  • Stress measurement of glass

Automotive and bent glass

For automotive and bent glass production a wide range of inspection solutions for different applications is offered, including:

  • Fully automated end-of-line inspection of automotive screens
  • Measurement of transmitted and reflected distortion
  • In-process 3D measurement of complete automotive screens
  • Silk print inspection and even more
  • 100% in-line inspection for glass surface defects

Coated Glass

The fully automated optical inspection systems for the continuous inspection of coated glass at any processing stage allows for 100% in-line detection of coating, color, color differences, inhomogeneities, surface, edges and shape – all at the same time, even in mixed batches.

Inspection systems for all coating processes:

  • On-Line building coating (Pyrolitic)
  • Off-line building coating (Magnetron)
  • Off-line technical coating (TCO, E/C, anti-reflective)

Processed glass

 To account for the needs of glass plate manufacturers, the modular PowerPlate (P²) line of optical inspection is available, consisting of nine products which can be combined randomly to appeal to the variety of different customer needs:

  • P²-SIZE: non-contact inspection of the plate's geometry after cutting
  • P²-INSPECT: 100% in-line inspection for glass surface defects
  • P²-COATING: complete surface coating quality control
  • P²-LAMI: in-line lamination inspection
  • P²-CONTOUR: in-line contour inspection
  • P²-EDGE: reliable inspection of glass edges
  • P²-OPTICS: for comprehensive optics inspection
  • P²-3D: for non-contact measurement of flatness and form
  • P²-COLOR: for 100% color coating inspection

Thin and display glass

Thin glass for state-of-the-art applications is subject to exceptionally high quality requirements. To assure this, ready-to-use in-line inspection systems based on standard modules are offered to monitor and to control the quality of the flat glass ribbon and thin glass sheets.

The Flat Panel Master (FPM) product line for example is a complete solution for the contact-free in-line inspection of thin glass substrates consisting of:

  • FPM-PARTICLE:  counting of smallest particles down to microns to assure clean room stability
  • FPM-INSPECT: detection of surface defects
  • FPM-EDGE: edge and size measurement to minimize breakage and assure best grinding
  • FPM-REVIEW: analyzing of selectable defects of interest

Pattern and cover glass

Fully automated inspection systems to detect and distinguish defects – typically open and closed bubbles, stones and knots:

  • PATTERNSCAN-Ribbon for the patterned glass ribbon
  • PATTERNSCAN-Sheet for patterned glass sheets

Solar glass and photovoltaic industries

Automated optical in-line inspection like for defects, correct coating and lamination, 3D-form and focus point, dimensions, format, and more of:

  •  Mono-/polycrystalline solar wafers, cells, stringers, and modules
  • Thin-film solar modules
  • Glass and mirrors for solar thermal applications
  • Solar and cover glass

Glass tubes and glass bulbs