Offres d´emploi


Société Gulf Glass Manufacturing Co. KSC
Adresse Mina Abdullah Industrial Area
Block #3, Plot #50
13130 Safat
Téléphone: 00965 22 285552
Télécopie: 00965 22 285551
Correspondant M. Byju Koshy George



Mould Inspector with knowledge of NNPB Process / Triple Gob/ Neck Ring

Annonce du 16.03.2017
Rubrique d´emploi Technologie Moules
Titre de profession Mould Inspector
Lieu de travail Mina Abdullah, Kuwait
Pays / Région Couwait
chez GGMC
Détails Container Glass Bottle Manufacturing Industry
Type du contrat Temps plein
Salaire Negotiable
Date d´entrée At the earliest

Déscription de la position

  • Ensure Compliance to ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 (FSMS) for Quality and Food Safety Systems.
  • Responsible for all documentation regarding Mold equipments.
  • Responsible for all current production equipments.
  • Responsible for through inspection of all equipments as per specified drawings.
  • Responsible for better & longer life of Mold equipments.
  • Responsible for stock report of equipments.
  • Responsible for new Mold design (inspection as specified & informing to the higher authorities accordingly).
  • He should keep track of the Mold life data.
  • Responsible for proper storage of Molds & issue to the ISProduction.
  • Responsible for feeding the Mold equipments to IS-Forming without interruption of Production.
  • Any mold damages should be brought to the knowledge of higher authorities.
  • Should co-ordinate with IS-Forming & Maintenance Dpt to achieve smooth flow & control of Molds and other equipments.
  • Any other job assigned by Team Leader / Manager / Management.


  • signing monthly mold report.
  • New mold equipment drawing checking.
  • Leave plan and leave approval of Mold fitter and cleaners.
  • Issue of material from stores approval.


1. Education:

  • Diploma (I.T.I. Technical Diploma)

2. Years of experience :

  • • 10 yrs. experience in Machine Shop or Mold Shop

3. Additional skills :

  • Knowledge of Mold Repair & Maintenance.
  • Manpower Control Skill.
  • Computer Knowledge.
  • Team Work


Please apply via email with full CV and relevant details.