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Salon Glass & Aluminum Saudi Arabia

Following the next decade of multi-billion dollar investments in the GCC’s construction sector with the centralization of the top projects in Saudi Arabia, Glass & Aluminum + WinDoorEx Saudi Arabia 2017 plays a big role to open this promising market in front of the international leaders to meet the needs and expectations of the industry. It provides excellent opportunity for exhibitors to establish new links and increase their market share in the region. ​

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with its massive infrastructure and social housing schemes and the plans to boost tourism and consequently stepping up construction across its hospitality sector, is undoubtedly the largest market fenestration in the GCC and glass & aluminium usage, accounting 51% of holding the largest shares of the lucrative projects. ​

4-day show will give you access to an exclusive market of business owners, industry leaders, Projects managers, architects, consultants, managers, manufacturers, suppliers, agents, designers and builders and industry professionals with specific interest in the industry.



  • Glass Manufacturers and distributers.
  • Glass Machinery suppliers and agents.
  • Glaziers, Architects and interior designers.
  • Aluminium Manufacturers, distributers, traders.
  • Aluminium machinery suppliers and agents.
  • Builders and developers.
  • Project Managers and Facility managers.
  • Dealers and buyers.
  • Door, facade and window contractors.
  • Glass and metal contractors.
  • Door, gate and window manufacturers.
  • Fabricators.
  • Facade consultants.
  • Investors.
  • Operation and technical managers.
  • Hotels   , Banks ,…………..etc.
  • Government Agencies & Departments.
  • Wholesalers and many more.
Pays Arabie Saoudite
Ville Riyadh
Lieu Riyadh International Exhibition Center- Saudi Arabia
prochaine 30.04.2017 - 03.05.2017


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