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Salon Vitrum

Every two years, Vitrum attracts trade people from all over the world and is the must-attend event where Italian glassmaking tradition is accompanied by the presentation of cutting-edge methods and technologies.

Vitrum, the international prestigious, is a time-tested, rich source of precious leads and business opportunities for companies in the sector, attended by an ever-increasing number of visitors and exhibitors


Manufacturing, processing and finishing of flat glass:

Manufacture of flat glass
Handling and storage
Straight-line and shaped cutting
Edging and bevelling machines
Mirror – making and silvering
Insulating glass – sealed unit production
Laminated glass plants
Tempering and bending
Miscellaneous machinery and plants
Software and systems

Production, processing and finishing of hollow glass:

Production of hollow glass

- preparation and melting
- hot finishing
- forming
- other accessories, tools and machines

Hollow glass processing and finishing techniques

- hollow glass processing machines
- glass tube processing and finishing machines and equipment
- tools, accessories and products for hollow glass

Flat and hollow glass products and applications:

Glass products and applications

Special categories:


Vitrum energia:

Equipment, products and systems

Pays Italie
Ville Fiera Milano
Lieu New exhibition complex in Rho, Porta Ovest
Rotation biennial
prochaine 03.10.2017 - 06.10.2017
10.10.2019 - 10.10.2019


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