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Liste d´entreprises
Kempen, Allemagne (Technology Member)

Dornbusch Gravuren GmbH

Supplier of Glass Tools, Cutting, Grinding, Drilling Equipment,...
Am Selder 31
PO 100244
47906 Kempen
Téléphone: 0049 2152 91650
Télécopie: 0049 2152 51 83 94
E-mail: Contact
Haan, Allemagne (Technology Member)

Bohle AG

During the more than 80-year history of the company, numerous product brand names originated under the company name Bohle. Silberschnitt and Veribor have become representative for entire product types. SILBERSCHNITT In 1936 the glass cutter that...
Dieselstr. 10
42781 Haan
Téléphone: 0049 2129 55680
Télécopie: 0049 2129 5568281
E-mail: Contact
Guildford, Grande Bretagne (Extended Profile)

Vista Glass Products

Vista Glass Products is home to 3 great Trade Names: PRIMELINE - Office fit-out A Product range tailored to suit the internal commercial office environment. Many of our products are designed to integrate in to a diverse range of partition...
Birmingham, Grande Bretagne (Extended Profile)

Thermoseal Group Limited, HEAD OFFICE

Thermoseal Group supplies over 1,500 products for the manufacture of insulated glass units. The Group`s flagship products - Thermobar and Thermoflex warm edge spacers and fittings - are manufactured in house. Other products supplied include...
Weiherhammer, Allemagne (Extended Profile)

Koppmann, Werner e.K., Hartmetall-Glasschneideraedchen

Producer of Cutting-, Grinding, Drilling Technology, Glass Cutting...
Herzogenrath, Allemagne (Extended Profile)

GVB GmbH - Solutions in Glass

Tubes and Rods made from Quartz Glass Grinded and optically polished plates made from Quartz Glass Tubes, Rods, profiled Tubes and Rods made from colourless Borosilicate Glass 3.3 (Simax). Plates (Flat glass) made from colourless...
Guangzhou, République du Peuple Chine (Extended Profile)


Manufacturer and supplier of polishing wheels, diamond wheels, resin wheels, arris wheels, and diamond drills " milling tools for all standard machine " equipment for glass processing. 10S polishing, BK polishing, BD polishing in cup...
Stadtoldendorf, Allemagne (Extended Profile)

Schott Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH

Supplier of Diamond Tools for the Glass and Construction Industry, Diamond Drilling Crowns for concrete and asphalt, natural or synthetic stone materials, Diamond Drills for Glass, Special Tools, ultrasonic drilling, Diamont Cutting Wheels for Glass...
Weilburg, Allemagne

Arnold - Gruppe, Herbert Arnold GmbH Co. KG, Herbert Arnold GmbH &Co.KG

Business markets burners, tools and complete workshop equipment for glassblowers machines and systems for thermal and mechanical glass and quartz glass processing machines and equipment for the production of glass fibres machines...
Izumi city, Japon

Satake Glass Company

SOFT COLOR ROD FOR WORK - Color rods, Burner equipment With its high quality and diverse colors to choose from, "The Soft Color Rod" will not disappoint anyone who purchases it. By choosing "The Soft Color Rod" for your glass craft needs, you will...

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